Monday, July 30, 2007

EVE Online Ships - Racial Traits

What attracts me most for EVE Online are the diversity of ships available for players to utilize throughout the game. Being a Sci-Fi fan, EVE Online is like truly nirvana for a sci-fi junkie like myself. Growing up watching various Sci-Fi shows like Star Trek, Babylon 5, and of course Star Wars! Federations, coporations, governments going against each other in political warfares on a galactic scale. Wtih Rebels running about, chaos and order divided by a thread's width, it is truly amazing that an online game like EVE can integrate so much realism( as fictitious as it can be) into it's system. What more being able to pilot a battleship to cruise to galaxies, being the next Jean Luc Picard? (oh Joy!)

To highlight on the ships for EVE, each four playable races have their own individual categories for each ship class and names for each different version of them. Mining barges are the common ones available for all.

Caldari ships have powerful defensive shielding, and a diversity of missile launchers with railguns. They are also noted for dedication to Electric Warfare vessels (the Griffin frigate, the Blackbird cruiser, the Rook and Falcon recon ships, and the Scorpion battleship). With asymmetrical geometric, they tend to name their ships after animals, mainly Avians and some also go by the name of mythological creatures, such as the Phoenix-class dreadnought, or the Leviathan Titan.

Caldari vessels rely highly on their energy shields on defence, resulting in weak armor and hulls.

Gallente ships have the strongest structures, sturdy with defensive armor plates, adept at powerful short-range attacks and usage of combat drones. They are designed to charge head-on, deal massive damage and survive their initial assault so that they can do so repeatedly during battle. Many of their ships are specialized to drone carriage, and adding bonuses to drones' capabilities, such as the Ishkur assault ship, the Vexor-class cruiser, the Ishtar heavy assault ship, the Myrmidon battlecruiser and the Dominix battleship. Gallente ships are mostly named after figures from cultural mythologies(Ishkur, Ishtar, Enyo), or Latin(Thorax, Navitas, Incursus).

Being the second most advanced of the four empires, just below the Caldari, the Gallente are highly specialised in combat drones, speed, structural integrity and hybrid weaponry. Ships such as the hard-charging Megathron battleship and the majestic Thanatos-class carrier are the mainstay of the Gallente fleet.

With almost impenetrable armor and massive array of destructive lasers, Ammar vessels are the juggesnauts of the EVE universe. Their trends on vessels are constant, straightforward and practical/effective killing force. Having 2 categories: Damage-oriented and Armor-oriented ships. The Retribution assault ship, the Omen cruiser, the Zealot heavy assault ship, and the Armageddon battleship all have one or more damage or rate of fire bonuses and focus on raw laser damage. The Punisher frigate, Maller cruiser, Sacrilege heavy assault ship, and Apocalypse and Abaddon battleships focus on the ability to tank damage. Amarr vessels are often associated with religious terms and names, such as the Armageddon and Apocalypse battleships, and the Avatar Titan.

Amarr battle strategies are based on overwhelming the enemy with vast numbers, overpowering them with brute force, similiar to the term 'nuking'.

Minmatar vessels are often viewed as flying junkyards, due to their crude appearance of looking like a patchwork of scaffolding and junk stuck together. But their outlooks betray their prowess in battle. Geared to 'hit-and-run' maneuvers, they are practicall the fastest in the game. Adept at pin-point long range attacks, and other flexibilities(i.e, usage of drones, turrets, missile launchers), provides players with effective adaption to different battle situations. Ship names include animals (the Jaguar and Wolf assault ships), blade weapons (the Stiletto interceptor, the Scythe cruiser), names for winds (the Tempest and Typhoon battleships, the Cyclone and Hurricane battlecruiser), names of Norse mythological origin (the Hel mothership, the Ragnarok titan with its Gjallarhorn Doomsday device, the Huginn and Muninn elite cruisers, and the Naglfar Dreadnought) and names one would associate with violence and destruction (the Rupture and Stabber cruisers).