Thursday, August 2, 2007

EVE Online Ships - Names and Classifications

With a manegerie of ships flying across the galaxies of EVE, one can get confused easily with the various names that each faction/class/race has for their own vessels( given the fact that each of them own ALOT of vessels at the same time). For better identification, here is a list of names of ship types with their race specific names:

Tech Level I
Rookie ships
Basically the ship for beginners, with basic weaponry and mining tools, most commonly used for tutorial missions.
Amarr - Impairor
Caldari - Ibis
Gallente - Velator
Minmatar - Reaper

Light, fast but fragile. Based on quick combat maneuvers, and highly effective in large numbers. Best used to 'disable' large ship classes by using the correct equipment[i.e. draining, scrambling warp engines and tackling(webbing)].
Amarr - Tormentor, Executioner, Crucifier, Punisher, Inquisitor
Caldari - Bantam, Condor, Griffin, Heron, Merlin, Kestrel
Gallente - Navitas, Atron, Maulus, Imicus, Incursus, Tristan
Minmatar - Burst, Slasher, Vigil, Probe, Rifter, Breacher

Designed specifically for Anti-frigate warfare, the destroyer has high number of turret slots but low rate of fire. With mediocre armor and fire power, destroyers are able to take out frigates easily but are ineffective against larget ship classes.
Amarr - Coercer
Caldari - Comorant
Gallente - Catalyst
Minmatar - Thrasher

Multi-functional vessels, larger and slower, but with a more durable armor. Able to mount more damaging weapons that a destroyer, can be used for combat or even cargo shipping and mining.
Amarr - Arbitrator, Augoror, Maller, Omen
Caldari - Blackbird, Osprey, Moa, Caracal
Gallente - Celestis, Exequror, Thorax, Vexor
Minmatar - Bellicose, Scythe, Rupture, Stabber

Industrial ships
Designed for cargo transport( comparatively large cargo hold). Mostly require armed escorts but the module slot layouts provide for sneaky ambush tactics.
Amarr - Sigil, Bestower
Caldari - Badger, Badger Mark II
Gallente - Iteron, Iteron Mark II, Iteron Mark III, Iteron Mark IV, Iteron Mark V
Minmatar - Wreathe, Hoarder, Mammoth

Battlecruisers serve as fleet command in small scale battles, with gang assist modules, boosting the offensive and defensive capabilities of the fleet. With a larger damage output than Cruisers, and defence, they are more favored than the Destroyers. The disadvantage will be the decreased maneuverability.
Amarr - Prophecy, Harbinger
Caldari - Ferox, Drake
Gallente - Brutix. Myrmidon
Minmatar - Cyclone, Hurricane

Battleships are staple to every fleet, although slower, they are more durable with the ability to mount impressive firepower with large sized weaponry.
Amarr - Armageddon, Apocalypse, Abaddon
Caldari - Scorpion, Raven, Rokh
Gallente - Dominix, Megathron, Hyperion
Minmatar - Typhoon, Tempest, Maelstrom

Tech Level II
Tech Level II ships are modified versions of the Tech Level I ships, adopting the original outlook but with improved modules, engines, and colour. With improved capabilities, they are usually modified to fit a specialized role in a team, thus limiting their userbility only to that specific field of use.

Covert Operations
Modified versions of the frigates, with mounted cloaking systems, enables them to vanish when thretenend and warp while being cloaked. Usually equipped with Electric Warfare, they are effective in larger groups as scouts and other tactical use. Stealth bombers are able to mount on battleship class missile launchers, allowing to to surprise the enemy with masssive damage.
Amarr - Anathema(Crucifier - Covert Ops), Purifier(Inquisitor - Steatlh Bomber)
Caldari - Buzzard(Heron - Covert Ops), Manticore(Kestrel - Steath Bomber)
Gallente - Helios(Maulus - Covert Ops), Nemesis(Tristan - Stealth Bomber)
Minmatar - Cheetah(Vigil - Covert Ops), Hound(Breacher - Stealth Bomber)

Assault Ships
Frigates modified with heavy firepower and higher durability, with decreased speed.
Amarr - Retribution(Punisher), Vengeance(Punisher)
Caldari - Harpy(Merlin), Hawk(Merlin)
Gallente - Enyo(Incursus), Ishkur(Incursus)
Minmatar - Wolf(Rifter), Jaguar(Rifter)

Modified frigates designed for high speed dogfights, perfect for swarming larger classes and pinning them down, providing ample time for reinforcements to arrive.
Amarr - Crusader(Executioner - Damage), Malediction(Executioner - Tackling)
Caldari - Crow(Condor - Damage), Raptor(Condor - Tackling)
Gallente - Taranis(Atron - Damage), Ares(Atron - Tackling)
Minmatar - Claw(Slasher - Damage), Stiletto(Slasher - Tackling)

An upgraded Destroyer, with no penalties on rate of fire, and increased speed. Their main purpose is launching a Warp Interdiction sphere, prevent warping in a radius for a time period. A 'staple' for fleet combat, as they fcan pin down entire fleets for extended periods of time.
Amarr - Heretic(Coercer)
Caldari - Flycatcher(Comorant)
Gallente - Eric(Catalyst)
Minmatar - Sabre(Thrasher)

Heavy Assault Ships
A.k.a. Heavy Assault Cruisers(HAC), are the best solo combat ships available. Equiped with heavy fire power, strong defences with vastly increased damage resistances, and add in the element of speed.
Amarr - Sacrilege(Maller), Zealot(Omen)
Caldari - Cerberus(Caracal), Eagle(Moa)
Gallente - Deimos(Thorax), Ishtar(Vexor)
Minmatar - Muninn(Rupture), Vagabond(Stabber)

Logistic Cruisers
Designed exclusively to aid teammates in combat, these cruisers have bonuses to remote repairing and boosting.
Amarr - Guardian(Auguror)
Caldari - Basilisk(Osprey)
Gallente - Oneiros(Exequror)
Minmatar - Scimitar(Scythe)

Reconnaissance Ships
Divided into 2 sub-classes : Combat Recon and Force Recon. Force Recon ships can be equiped with cloaking modules and strong Electronic Warfare bonuses. Combat Recons are more offensive, similiar to the Force recon but with added bonuses for weapon systems.
Amarr - Curse(Arbitartor - Combat), Pilgrim(Arbitrator - Force)
Caldari - Rook(Blackbird - Combat), Falcon(Blackbird - Force)
Gallente - Lachesis(Celestis - Combat), Arazu(Celestis - Force)
Minmatar - Huginn(Bellicose - Combat), Rapier(Bellicose - Force)

Command Ships
Modified versions of the battlecruiser designed to command and assist operations with 2 sub-classes: Field and Fleet Command. Field Command Ships may use one 'gang assistance' module, and have strong defences and offensive capabilities. Fleet Commands are more limited in offence but have increased defensive capabilities, and are able to use 3 'gang assistance' modules.
Amarr - Absolution(Prophecy - Field), Damnation(Prophecy - Fleet)
Caldari - Nighthawk(Ferox - Field), Vulture(Ferox - Fleet)
Gallente - Astarte(Brutix - Field), Eos(Brutix - Fleet)
Minmatar - Sleipnir(Cyclone - Field), Claymore(Cyclone - Fleet)

Transport Ships
Modifed versions of the Industrial class, designed to haul cargo through low-security systems. With high defences its increases the survivability of ship. Divided into 2 sub-classes: The Blockade Runner - very fast with resistance to warp disruption; and the Deep Space Transport - slower with enlarged cargo space and high defence.
Amarr - Impel(Bestower - Deep Space), Prorator(Sigil - Blockade)
Caldari - Bustard(Badger Mark II - Deep Space), Crane(Badger - Blockade)
Gallente - Occator(Iteron Mark III - Deep Space), Viator(Iteron Mark I - Blockade)
Minmatar - Mastodon(Mammoth - Deep Space), Prowler(Wreathe - Blockade)

Capital Ships
Designed for major operations and usually found in medium or large player owned corporations due to the expensive price. Best used in fleet operations due to many vulnerabilities.

Largest cargo ships available, with 40 times more holding space than the best Industrial classes. This makes them a valuable asset to corporations for large scale transporations as they can even transport packaged ships.
Amarr - Providence
Caldari - Charon
Gallente - Obelisk
Minmatar - Fenrir

Capable of mounting capital sized weaponry and with high defensive capababilities, Dreadnoughts are designed for extended sieges and static installations, i.e. starbases or spacestations. Dreadnoughts require fleet support due to limited capabilities against large number of smaller class ships. They also come with the siege mode ability, sacrificing mobility for 4 times their original offensive and defensive capabilities.
Amarr - Revelation
Caldari - Phoenix
Gallente - Moros
Minmatar - Naglfar

Main offensive capabilities revolve around the deployment of super-heavy combat drones called fighters. They also come with bonuses to remote repairing. Carrier are able to operate fighters remotely, allowing them to provide support away from the frontline. Also capable of carrying frigates, and comes with a small corporate hangar.
Amarr - Archon
Caldari - Chimera
Gallente - Thanatos
Minmatar - Nidhoggur

Having similiar functions, Motherships are set apart by the increased capacity and as well as complete immunity to Electronic Warfare. Equiped with a items hanger to store combat equipment, they also cotnain a ship within. Besides that, they have cloning vats, allowing rebirth for allied pilots.
Amarr - Aeon
Caldari - Wyvern
Gallente - Nyx
Minmatar - Hel

Able to perform the same fleet functions and support roles as the Mothership, and being the only capital ship to cteate jump portals which enables escort and support ships to move from system to system without a stargate. Although they come with weaker offence and defence, the Titan has a capital sized Superweapon capable of destroying entire fleets of battleships with one shot - at the disadvantage of a one hour recharge time and 10 minutes restriction for jumping.
Amarr - Avatar
Caldari - Leviathan
Gallente - Erebus
Minmatar - Ragnarok